Hi! My name is

Ashley Kaplan.

I'm a web developer
and Excel nerd.

My story

My name is Ashley, but my family and friends call me “Smash.” I am a proud nerd and problem-solver. I was raised on a farm in central Missouri, but I currently live in Little Rock, Arkansas, with my husband and my beloved canine pal. My interest in tech and coding began during my Animal Science graduate program. The first time I saw an Excel Pivot Table in action, I was hooked! From there, I immersed myself in all things Excel, and my friends and co-workers soon referred to me as their resident “Excel Queen.”

My journey into coding continued when I became the project manager of a software upgrade for a multi-state land title company. Once again, I dove headfirst into learning all that I could about the software, which ultimately led to my first experiences with true "coding." After this, I realized that focusing on a career in tech would allow me to combine my nerdiness and love of coding with my passion for helping people solve problems and simplify processes. I can’t wait to see what is in store for me next!

My skills

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Design Conversion

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