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Hey, new friend!

I’m Ashley.  My background is in agriculture and animal science (I love cows!), but now I earn an income creating amazing websites for amazing people…  because that career path totally makes sense, right?!  

I love traveling, drinking pinot noir, being in the mountains, spending time with my family, and crafting awesome WordPress websites. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you launch your online journey! 

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You CAN do this!

Besides creating some pretty awesome WordPress websites FOR entrepreneurs, I am also super passionate about empowering entrepreneurs like you to create stunning WordPress sites themselves–something you can proudly showcase to the world and call your own.  You won’t be going it alone, though!  I’ll be here to help you every step of the way.  Are you ready?

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How to start a blog with Ashley Kaplan

How to Start a Blog

You’re ready to start a blog. Errmmm… at least, in your head, you’re ready to start a blog! Woohoo! Sooo… what’s stopping you? Oh, right. It’s the whole “starting a blog” part of starting a blog. That can definitely be

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