Ashley Kaplan bio picMy name is Ashley, but my family and friends call me “Smash.”  I am a proud nerd, grammar queen, and problem-solver.  I was raised on a farm in central Missouri, but I currently live in Little Rock, Arkansas.   My fondness for proper grammar and proofreading dates to my middle school years—who didn’t love sentence diagrams, though, am I right?!  (Hey, I told you I’m a huge nerd…)  My interest in tech and coding began in college and strengthened during grad school.  The first time I saw an Excel Pivot Table in action, I was hooked.  From there, I immersed myself in all things Excel, and my friends and co-workers soon referred to me as their resident “Excel Queen.”

My coding journey continued when I became the project manager of a software upgrade for a multi-state company.  Once again, I dove headfirst into learning all that I could about the software, which ultimately led to my first experiences with true coding.  After this, I realized I should focus on a career which would allow me to combine my nerdy love of grammar and coding with my passion for helping people solve problems and simplify processes.  I began studying web development using online resources, particularly Skillcrush, CodeCademy, and FreeCodeCamp.  Along the way, in addition to learning some awesome web dev skills, I also learned that there is actually a demand for freelance proofreaders and Excel nerds—WHAT!!!  Imagine my excitement!

From editing, to Excel automation, to web and WordPress development, I am here to help you, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for me next. Do you need help creating content for your blog or editing that novel you’ve always wanted to write?  Do you have a spreadsheet that you’re sure could be automated to save you time, but you have no idea how to do it?  Are you ready to launch your new business, but you need someone to build your website?  Let’s chat!